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Theracomfort™ Cushion


Pressure Care - Quick Facts

  •  *Comfort
  •  17 st /108Kg
  •  100% Waterproof PU
  •  43 cm x 43 cm x 8cm
  •  Comfort Cushion

The TheraComfort cushion has a modular top surface which allows pressure to be dispersed from around the ischials.


  • Cross cut channels prevent moisture build up and aid ventilation.
  • The Theracomfort cushion is a comfort cushion made from CMHR foam
  • The PU coated fabric is 2 way stretch material and vapour permeable to enhance pressure care
  • Fully removable zipped cover for easy cleaning.
  • Theracomfort cushion conforms to Fire retardancy BS6807:1996 medium hazard
  • Theracomfort cushion conforms to Fire retardancy BS6807:1996 medium hazard
  • Fully removable cover
  • 43cm x 43cm x 8cm

For use as a comfort device

For use in wheelchairs or Day chairs

“Having just purchased our 2nd Therawave 8 mattress from you I wish to give you feedback on the superiority of this product and the success we have acheived using it. A patient we nurse had a severe Grade 4 ulcer on the sacral area, completely bed bound, quadraplegic, and for medical reasons unable to be nursed on his side. This sore with the use of dressings and your mattress healed completely within a few months, a great feat given the severity of the sore. Having two out of the three cells inflated at a time gives much better support and stability especially to some of the more sturdy residents. I would not hesitate in recommending this product and would purchase for the home in the future.”

Sarah Collard - Director /RGN Mountbatton Nursing Home

The Theracomfort cushion has a modular top surface which increases comfort and also improves air flow and helps to remove unwanted humidity under vulnerable pressure points. The cushion has a zipped removable PU 2 way stretch cover and is 100% waterproof. The cushion is suitable for use in ward chairs, wheel chairs and day chairs. Theracomfort cushions conforms to Fire retardancy BS6807:1996 medium hazard