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Decontamination Services


Mattress Infection Control & Decontamination Services

For the highest standard of decontamination services that comply with infection control guidelines, and reduce the risks to yours patients, our decontamination services allow you to ensure your equipment is safer for both your patients and care staff to use.

Working with you and your team we can offer tailor made decontamination services the meet the needs of large NHS contracts through to individual homes with one off needs.

Our new decontamination centre has been purposely built to clean, test, and repair pressure relieving mattresses.

Our Decontamination Process  & 3M™Clean-Trace™ Clinical ATP System
The only ATP system with a Department of Health Rapid Review Panel Level 1 recommendation.

As part of the cleaning process the main mattress components and air cells are submerged in a specialist cleaning agent and inflated at the same time.

This attention to detail ensures that the mattress is in optimum condition and that there are no possible air leaks in cells or tubing for ongoing effective performance.

All systems are then tested and bagged with the control unit along with decontamination certification.

All mattresses then undergo the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Clinical ATP system, this helps assess standards of hygiene by measuring the amount of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) on the equipment. These tests indicate overall biological contamination including microbiological and product residues for a fuller picture of the hygienic status of your pressure relieving mattresses.

 The results of these test results quantify the mattress cleanliness and are provided with the documentation included with all your newly cleaned mattresses, allowing your care facility to demonstrate the hygiene levels of your equipment stock.

• Reduce risks of infection
• Meet stringent infection control guidelines
• Hassle free equipment collect and return service
• Annual servicing and maintenance packages
• 3M™ Clean-Trace™ – ATP system testing

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