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Helping You Deliver The Highest Standards of Pressure Care ™


Pressure Relieving Cushions


    Theracomfort™ Cushion

    The TheraComfort cushion has a modular top surface which allows pressure to be dispersed from around the ischials.

    Cross cut channels prevent moisture build up and aid ventilation. Comes with removable waterproof PU cover, for easy cleaning and improved infection control.


    Therawave™ Dynamic Air Cushion

    The Therawave™ alternating air cushion provides dynamic therapy cushion provides dynamic therapy support surface for high risk residents

    The cushion provides optimum pressure care for sensitive residents sitting out of bed for long periods of time.


    Theracomfort™ Visco Cushion

    The TheraComfort™ VISCO cushion has a top surface layer of temperature sensitive memory foam.

    This visco surface reacts by re-moulding uniformly to the patient’s body contours dissipating pressure. Providing higher patient comfort and support.


    TheraAir™ Cushion

    Ideal for chairs and wheelchairs, comes with a wheelchair fixing loop and carry handle, anti slip case.  Aids comfort and positioning and is easy to clean.

    Air uniformly flows into the cushion cells keeping patients skin dry aiding in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Can be adjusted to desired level.