Complete Sleeprrr™ Pillow

“This pillow is amazing. Life Changer!” – said a very happy customer. As a TMJ Dysfunction Specialist it is very important to offer my clients a pillow that provides enough support for their head and neck without it being too restricting or uncomfortable. TMJ Dysfunction can be worsened with teeth grinding & teeth clamping at night so having a pillow that supports your neck and minimises the tension on the jaw is essential. The Complete Sleeperrr Pillow is absolutely the best pillow on the market for TMJ Dysfunction sufferers. The thing I like most about the Complete Sleeperrr is that it has 12 different adjustment options, so my clients are able to create the pillow to suit their desired level of comfort and support. It also has a super-soft and almost luxurious feel. Be free. Have no more jaw pain.”

Helen Baker
Remedial Massage Therapist │TMJ Dysfunction Specialist
TMJ Massage Therapies
St Agnes

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