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Theracomfort™ Mattress


The Theracomfort™ is a cost effective pressure reducing mattress. Constructed from high resilient foam

The Theracomfort™ has been designed to provide high levels of patient comfort, and infection control. The Theracomfort™ is supplied with a waterproof, multi stretch PU, vapour permeable cover.

Pressure Care - Quick Facts

  •  *Comfort
  •  4 Way Turning Protocol
  •  29 st /185Kg
  • Waterproof PU Cover
  •  193cm x 91cm x 15cm
  •  Nursing Home Mattress
  •  THCOM

The Theracomfort™ mattress.


  • Constructed from durable high resilient foam.
  • The PU coated fabric is 2 way stretch 100% waterproof and vapour permeable to enhance pressure care.
  • PU Cover is fully removable 3 sided zip for easy cleaning and inspection.
  • Theracomfort™ mattress has a 4 way turning protocol to ensure continued comfort nd product longevity.
  • Maximum patient weight limit 29st /185Kg.
  • Theracomfort™ Mattress is Suitable for profiling bed frames.



  • Mattress Weight 10Kg.
  • Safe working load 29st /185Kg
  • Mattress Dimensions 1930mm x 910mm x 150 mm

For use as a comfort mattress

Mattress has a 4 way turning protocol

“Exceptional, very individualised service, I would highly recommend Mayflower Medical to other care providers.”

Joanne James, Area Manager, Adelaide Nursing Home

Designed for comfort as an entry product the Theracomfort™ mattress is a comfort mattress which is suitable for profiling bed frames. The cover is made from a 100% waterproof fabric which is 2 way stretch vapor permeable and zipped on 3 sides. The mattress has a 4 way turning protocol which ensures the product longevity.

Fire retardancy: BS7177 2008 medium hazard Products comply with the Furniture & furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988