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Judy Waterlow MBE – Waterlow Score Mobile App Launch


The Official Waterlow Score App – Mobile Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment

Developed alongside Judy Waterlow MBE back in 2013 – The Waterlow Score App allows users access to the Waterlow Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment system via a mobile device.

It’s available for FREE and is designed to aid users and increase pressure care awareness within the community. It has many useful features for nurses and care staff that include:

– The ability to easily carry out a full Waterlow risk assessment for vulnerable patients at risk of develop pressure ulcers

– Aid understanding of the risk factors that can contribute to pressure ulcers forming

– Quickly and easily calculate a patients BMI score for assessment purpose

– Perform skin inspection and ulcer grading according to NPUAP/EPUAP guideline

– Help determine what preventative equipment may be suitable for certain patient scenarios

You can download the app for FREE today from here at

You can also download the Waterlow Manual and Score Card from the official website –