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Skin Climate Control – AeroVent™ Technology


Managing Patient Skin and Temperature: Aerovent Technology


A patient’s skin can be weakend by excess moisture and overheating. The risks of damaging friction and forces can also be increased by the presence of excess moisture.

If factors that weaken a patient’s skin can be controlled then the skin of the patient can be more resistant to pressure ulcers. Effectove low air loss technology mattresses function by releasing air flow from the supporting air cells under the patient, this air flow removes excess moisture and heat and can help improve clinical conditions.

Low air loss technology systems must take the following factors into account to be effective.

– The sources of excess moisture and temperature
– The quantity of excess moisture produced
– The elevation of skin temperature
– Air flow available for managing these excesses
– The ability of the support surface to effectivley use the air flow to remove the excess moisture and heat.

ref: Maintaining Appropriate Skin Moisture and Temperatire of a patient: A Biomedical Engineering Overview, E.Flam, L.I Raab